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We are characterised by curiosity. Driven by a thirst for knowledge. Motivated by challenges. And we keep a close eye on the future at all times. With this approach, we successfully support you in finding solutions for your individual challenges. Numerous companies have already been able to benefit from our expertise and our commitment. The insights we gained in these assignments serve as a foundation for a knowledge transfer across sectors and industries, which is highly appreciated by our clients and partners.

Dr. Florian Stadlbauer

Head of Digitalization,

Commerz Real AG

Coaching 2.0: Internet of Things, artificial intelligence or block chain. Many people assume that successful digitalisation is mainly connected with the use of modern technologies. But, cultural change within companies is far more important.  Mrs Conzelmann understands this perfectly and, with her substantial previous experience and knowledge, is a real trailblazer. I therefore greatly appreciate the exchanges that we have shared.  

She has also supported us very successfully this year both with our first off-site board meeting and with a management conference on the subject of digitalisation.

Andreas Döpper

SVP Ground Operations,

Lufthansa HUB Airlines, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Restructuring within a global network of busy employees whilst managing several airlines is a real challenge. It requires the managers leading the change to display genuine sincerity and personal integrity within a very emotional environment.   

At the same time, bringing an external view and expertise to a dynamic change process is particularly valuable.  In this respect, Antje Conzelmann was able to support us in a very professional way at all levels and, with her very engaging and distinctive manner, to successfully help us both with one-to-one discussions and with the facilitation of major events.

Dr. Andreas Muschter


Commerz Real AG

There are few people with whom I enjoy exchanging information as much as with Antje Conzelmann. Her mixture of entrepreneurial thinking, personnel management and transformation experience together with her intellect, optimism and that infectious laugh is unique in my opinion. In my professional experience with consultants, working together with Antje Conzelmann is probably the most enriching experience I have ever had.

Dr. Roland Schütz

Executive Vice President and CIO,

Deutsche Lufthansa AG

In her competent, empathic and single-minded manner, Mrs Conzelmann has very successfully established the strategy for our transformation process and has helped us to carry out its implementation. In this connection, she has always been totally committed in the professional advice that she has provided to us for more than a year in a complex and difficult situation. She has proven herself to be particularly effective in setting up a network of change agents within our individual business areas. This has meant that, as a result of her expertise, we were able to learn how to tackle future changes better and more efficiently. I would recommend her at any time in the future.

Klaus Gerrit Friese

Gallery owner,

Gallery Klaus Gerrit Friese

The art industry insists on its characteristics, its particularities, that would hardly be able to advice because they are incompatible with the other parts of economy.

We, our gallery team, have quickly learned that the case is different: Antje was able to show us the problems of the team / the way of working with a few steps that are very tailor made for us. In doing so, she suggested solutions that did not come standing matter of the consulting.

Antje Conzelmann works fast and easy at the same time: She has deepened her knowledge of the art industry, which she brought with her from the hobby, incredibly fast into a professional knowledge. This resulted in a well-planned consultation process, which has changed and optimized us/our business. I can only thank Antje for all she has done and pay tribute to her.

Constanze Bartiromo

Executive Board,

InteGREATer e.V.

Antje Conzelmann has helped InteGREATer e.V. from day one. Her tireless engagement makes her one of our most versatile members, whose continuing support we are very thankful for.  She has stood by us for many years as a professional presentation skills trainer for our voluntary workers who number in excess of 200.  In addition, as a member of our advisory board, she brings along her considerable know-how as a systemic organisational consultant.   

But, above all, she is a passionate advocate of our vision of more training involvement and equal opportunities and, time and time again, with her heart and mind she gives us new momentum. We are very grateful to her. 

Ralf Stolze

Head of Personnel and Development for Senior Management,

Deutsche Lufthansa

Ultimately, it is her support and facilitation that we have to thank for the great success of our conference. Her competence, commitment and experience, enabled her to do a great job of trying to understand the challenges of our department and helping us to work out the new structure. She inspired us all with her pleasant manner, which contributed greatly to the success of the event. I would be happy to recommend her unreservedly.

Suheil Mahayni

Director of Sales Western Europe,

Lufthansa Technik

I was impressed by her professional manner and the substance of her presentation which served as a guideline for our Townmeeting. There are countless places where one can put one’s foot in one’s mouth. It is not every day that you have to stand in front of 600 people with the cameras rolling. At the end of the day, it was the professional advice provided by Mrs Conzelmann that led to the success of our event.  I would like to thank her once again for her valuable help.


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