Executive Management Coaching

Leadership & Coaching

Tomorrow’s management will be different. Today’s Management must look to creativity, regeneration and the creation of purpose. Increasingly, modern management will be able to build upon a sense of identity, team coaching and empowerment, rather than simply relying on instrumentally supported management systems. As professional coaches, we can support managers in integrating their staff into the change process order to better utilise the collective strength of your organisation and its people. This will lead to more personal responsibility, greater motivation for everyone and, consequently, more business success.

Self-regulation as a Meta-competency

Coaching is certainly one of the most effective tools for supporting the individual change process as it provides the space necessary to reflect on one’s own behaviour. Personal self-insight can set new behaviour patterns in motion. This process involves observing both the environment and one’s inner world in equal measure. Various methods and media based on systemic coaching are utilised to achieve this. This results in new behaviour patterns and altered perception.

Team Development

As certified coaches with substantial experience, we can also work on the joint development of teams. This involves designing not only individual workshops but also workshops tailored to the specific needs and issues of the teams. ‚Team journeys‘ enable us to jointly develop new structures and a new culture of cooperation with you.

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