Driving your change

Organisational and Cultural Development

We find ourselves in a period of transition. People and organisations have to adapt to an ever-increasing speed of change. Technological change, urbanisation, demographic change and the ever-growing global interconnectedness, to name just a few of the megatrends – these are the big challenges of our time.

Companies will now have to rethink their business models in order to secure their future sustainability; they will also have to realign their staff resources and improve their IT infrastructure. They will have to be more flexible in terms of both the physical and virtual workplace layout and, depending on which sector they are in, they will also need to work together with startups. Companies which do not act accordingly will risk their future sustainability.

However, this development runs counter with the way of working in many classical companies which do not operate with open structures and agile working methods. This means that digitalisation will not only alter business models but the processes and the working culture of many companies will also have to change. These are big challenges but we will support you in this with our expertise, passion and professionalism as consultants and coaches.

We have many years’ experience of helping both multi-national companies and privately-owned SME’s get through the change process. We are totally conversant with the combination of process-oriented, structural and cultural change and we have many years’ experience of facing the challenges and objections that accompany such changes.

And this makes us very valuable partners.

Our Expertise in Detail:

  • We are highly experienced organisational developers and are experts at handling change projects of all sizes.
  • Innovation: Our discussions with you will yield a fresh impetus for real change. Our methods will provide new ideas and move you forwards.
  • We bring very pragmatic ideas and stimuli into your company and mould these into an adaptive and self-sufficient organisation. Our interventions focus on self-organisation, creativity and innovative tools coupled with a different style of leadership.
  • Our extensive involvement with art and culture enables us to create a new basis for management and organisation.